What do I do if it rains after I had my windows cleaned?

A special message to all customers of A.B Window Cleaning…….

You know you can predict the weather after you wash your car right?  It can be a perfectly hot sunny day while you’re out washing your car and it never fails.  Within a few days it will rain.  Well what about when you get your windows cleaned?
What happens if it rains right after you pay good money to have a professional company come and clean your windows.  It sure costs a lot more to have your windows cleaned than getting a car wash doesn’t it?  And for that kind of money I want my windows to stay clean longer than a week!!

The good news is…it will!!  Let me explain.  It’s actually very simple.  When rain water hits a dirty window, the raindrops and dirt on the window mix together to create “dirty” water droplets on your window. After the storm clouds have passed and the weather begins to dry out, the “dirty” water droplets evaporate.  Once completely evaporated all of the dirt, minerals and deposits contained in that droplet remain on the window in the form of a spot.  Hence the spotting you see on your windows most of the time.  Since windows are usually dirty when the rains come it’s natural for us to think that: RAIN = DIRTY, SPOTTED WINDOWS.

Not True!!  Here’s the scoop.  Rain water is “pure”.  It’s completely free of minerals and deposits.  Left to itself, rain water would evaporate “spot free”.  In order for rain water to spot your windows it needs….dirty windows!  When rain water evaporates on a freshly cleaned window it will evaporate SPOT FREE. There’s nothing on the window to mix with the rain water to create a spotting issue.   So, if it rains soon after you’ve had your windows cleaned you have nothing to worry about.  Your windows should still be clean once the rain has passed. With that knowledge most window cleaning companies in San Diego County won’t offer a rain guarantee.

But I believe in giving the customer what they want. If you want a rain guarantee we’ll give you one for free. You’re paying us good money to clean your windows and you want it to last.  So we offer you a 30 day rain guarantee.  If for any reason you’re walking around your home after the rain and decide that one or all of your windows need an exterior touch up, no problem.  Call me back and say “I’d like you to come back and touch up a few windows please” and we will schedule a time to come back at your convenience. It’s like getting a second window cleaning for FREE.  Just one more way we make your service experience with A.B. Window Cleaning the best it can be for you.  So please don’t hesitate to call me if you want a touch up. Your trust in my company to always do the right thing for you is valuable to me. And I welcome the opportunity to show off just how good we really are. 🙂

Damian Casillas
A.B. Window Cleaning

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